Missing Petals (Happy)

By April Phillips





‘Missing Petals’ are a series of three plates – happy, sad and mad. The centralised face sits at the centre, with a fan of petals reaching the edges of each plate. The characters respond to missing something, a piece of self with hyper emotion in bold, high contrast forms. The meeting place of functional design and visual adornment of the plates in a domestic context have an extensive history. The covering of each flower when the plate is in use allows for a gradual reveal.


April Phillips is a Wiradjuri-Scottish woman of the Galari peoples. Her arts practice is cemented in digital arts; illustraton, printmaking, AR research and has been recently experimenting in ceramics and glass. April leans into character design as a narrative tool to explore empathy, fun and form. Her use of vivid colour and unlikely digital processes celebrates the potential of computer art for a new world.