Moon Shadow IV

By Robyn Phelan

hand formed earthenware clay, engobe & terra sigillata

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In response to: ‘render’ is to give, present, or perform something: to render an idea, memory or moment into being.

"Clay renderings presented as embodied making, plates rendered in service of holding, moments of touch rendered in ceramic perpetuity, rendered performance of time passing - the moon and its shadow."


Robyn Phelan is a Melbourne/Naarm based artist, educator, and writer.

With a foundation in the materiality of clay, the process and history of ceramics, Robyn’s poetic sculptural objects embody her touch on clay and the affects sensed at the site of making.

Robyn has an active exhibition practice and is curated and selected into a broad range of contemporary art, craft and ceramic exhibitions and projects.

Her doctorate studies will be completed in early 2024 in the School of Art, RMIT University where she teaches in History and Cultures, Ceramics Studio and Professional Practice. Her theoretical research into contemporary ceramic practice is exceptional and timely.