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Motel Matchbox 1

By Keren Simmons

acrylic & gouache on wood
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"My work is a response to a collection of small objects that I have accumulated and admired over a number of years. I would describe it as something of a cabinet of curiosities. The tiny details and designs of seemingly mundane items can be fascinating if you find the time to look closely enough, and it is these intricacies that I hope to magnify in my practice.

Colour is a driving component in my attraction to certain objects and hence takes prominence in my works. Each combination of colours is driven by impulse and intuition, and the foundation of every work begins with a simple palette to which I can build upon. The architecture of every layer is carefully considered and slowly builds up over time; soft arches against sharp edges, decorative linework upon luminous gradients. The work is, in my eyes, not complete until the colours and forms fabricate a sense of nostalgia or spark an emotion that satisfies.

Keren Simmons completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2019, specialising in drawing and printmaking. Her work has been exhibited across a number of virtual and online exhibitions both nationally and internationally.