New Life

By Amber Stokie

Having spent my childhood growing up in the small Western district town of Ararat I proudly refer to myself as a “country person”. I loved growing up in the country and I honestly can’t remember a time when the intensity and genuine fire risk was as real as it has been this year. I remember the sense of community. I can imagine the necessity this sense holds for those affected by the bushfires, which continue to impact our regional areas today.

Part of what an artist does is to witness, reflect and respond to the world around them. In my paintings colour is used to saturate, highlight or to penetrate through a deeper palette to talk about hope, in my own abstract way. Colour is especially noticed in early signs of new or healthy life. New plants, flowers and tree shoots generating soon after the devastation of a bushfire. My hope for the near future in our bush fire affected areas, is to see colour edge back into the landscape. A sign of new life, new beginnings and hope.

Reserve Price $400

Final Bid $450


acrylic & oil on canvas
35x35cm framed