North, South, East & West

By Jenny Noyes

Jenny Noyes has spent her life by the sea. From a childhood in Warrnambool on the Shipwreck Coast to East Gippsland which is an abundant aquatic place of ocean, lakes, wetlands, rivers and native forest rich in biodiversity.

"The ravages of fires, floods and drought have instilled a resourcefulness and resilience in my art practice and has provided me with a clear vision to conserve our natural world.

I use salvaged materials in my sculpture of which Sea Green is made, the materials all saved from landfill a process I started while working on my Post Graduate Degree in Sculpture. This also came from my parents “make and mend” motto and by learning to improvise through working on festivals and events during which I was always using what was at hand.

I have a long held fascination with the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, recognised for his highly imaginative characters which lend a quirky element to my work."


brass, copper, steel, & concrete