Oak Sentinel, Watching Over Anthropocene

By Ingrid Daniell

The You Yangs have always captured my heart both from afar, as I have traveled past them too many times to count, and immersed in the bold and magnetic intimacy when walking around the range.

The magnetic pull of the dramatic You Yang range; seeped in Deep Time, provided me the perfect muse and inspiration; continuing my exploration of our earth as a fragile beauty on the verge of a dystopian relic.

I am drawn to landscapes that offer a sense of solitude, majesty, mystery, places that feel removed from the chaos of our current day; they offer a sacred experience; of which as humans crave for a sense of belonging and relief.

I spent time hiking through the You Yang range; immersing myself in this sacred landscape; I was drawn toward the rocks in all their solidity, gentle warmth and energy. I took time to work in charcoal on location capturing my immediate and instinctive response to the landscape; including my photographic studies of intimate scenes I experienced, these later informed the works for this show.

The stark contrast of the granite rocks against the parched summer land; the thriving lone oaks and gums standing strong amongst the rocky landscape; thriving life, sadly including the bone seed weed in abundance, and bold granite remnants of deep time; symbolising the threat of climate change on our fragile and precious environment in the age of Anthropocene.


synthetic polymer on board
84x84cm framed