Paddock Tracks

By Tarli Glover

acrylic on canvas
92x92cm unframed


"I’ve been experimenting with metallic paint to represent variation and changes in the kind of light I see as being peculiar to the regional areas I draw my inspiration from.

At various times there is this ‘golden light’, a kind of glare that covers paddocks and mutes the horizon, sometimes the farmed hills glow and the crops sparkle which seems to subtlety change as you move around and it never lasts long. It’s quite beautiful.

I’ve also continued to use lineal elements in my work because I can’t help but see ‘line’ everywhere. The horizontal and vertical, the distinct and obvious, the subtle, muted and restrained, the hard and soft, line that slowly disappears or line that dominates. So naturally, I gravitate to the roads, tracks, fence lines and divisions of land and bordered edges seeing these as almost like footprints representing the worked land, layered and marked, scarred."