Paper Thin

By Louise Tate

oil on linen
56x40.5cm framed

"Like so many artists this year, I painted these works in my living room. A space already filled with the clutter of everyday life, became a jumble of paint brushes, oily rags, and jars of flowers picked during long walks. Home life and work life, separated by paper-thin walls. I noticed my painting process mimicked the repetitive nature of each day. The preparation of colour; the hesitant first marks; the blending of things; rinse and repeat. These moments of predictability were soothing during a time that felt so precarious, so haphazard; like pick up sticks just waiting to roll at the slightest of breaths. The result is a series of not-so-still lives: snippets of flowers, sprigs and other garden pickings, all jumbled together during the turbulent quiet of a city in lockdown."


artwork image credit: Matthew Stanton

studio portrait credit: Amelia Stanwix & The Design Files

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