• Reversible Shapes Earrings (baby blue + pink)

Reversible Shapes Earrings (baby blue + pink)

By Jane Frances Reilly

A pair of asymmetric reversible earrings made from copper and sterling silver, painted and etched with fine details. 

Size approx: 2.5x4cm

Earring drop: 5cm


In a world full of products without meaning, Jane Frances Reilly strives to make sense of things through interpreting shadows, what lies behind and what lies in mark making.

Educated as a ceramicist and jeweller, Jane found metal allows her to explore forms with freedom and immediacy. Telling stories of memories through marks and colour, she explores the domestic world of the home; where intuitive dialogue forms between herself and the work.

Her mark making talks of the home, the landscape and the garden; weaving itself into the human experience of building boundaries around us.

*All earrings are hand cut, painted and etched; so each piece is unique.

*Please avoid contact with perfume. Earrings can be cleaned by wiping lightly with eucalyptus oil.