By Emily Besser

pigment & wax on paper
21x15cm unframed

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"Super-graphics, decoration and patterning are ubiquitous in the world around us, not only on the objects we use in everyday life and within urban settings but also in nature. 

In my work I use elements noticed in architecture and consumer contexts, sites where the individual is led to think and feel a particular way, and I process them back into an art context through collage, drawing and painting. 

For me, this process is embedded with uncertainty, pleasure and doubt and is an opportunity for slow-looking and making. 

There are countless iterations and visual structures that are possible: I hope for mistakes and glitches but also for a kind of visual right-ness. 

I create work in cycles. My different approaches to making work at different times allows me to deal in novel ways with processes of self-growth and collapse, focus and obscurity and order and disorganisation.

I am interested in whether states of awareness and feeling can be registered by pattern, shapes and colour. I’m concerned with how abstraction has the potential to connect with non-verbal feeling-states, as well as the way in which bodies and objects can move in space and convey meaning."

Emily Besser is an artist living and working in Gadigal Country. She is interested in the ways that drawing and painting can converse and diverge from one another.

Besser uses the picture plane as a space to map and question visual perception and experience, building up surfaces, sometimes to the point of collapse. 

Using motifs, colours and patterns found in her surroundings she searches for glitches, mistakes and the kind of picture that suggests its own visual logic.