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Snake Oil

By Kieran Madden

The pieces I have chosen for More is More bridge a period from my final few years in New York to my arrival back in Australia and the start of my practice here. My inspiration for these works as always is to take vintage print imagery and recontextualize it to create collages that range from simple visual puns to tableaux that interrogate contemporary issues.

An important part of my process involves a constant search for new source material to add to my archive. I leave myself open to whatever may cross my path such a street find for example, as well as actively hunting for new troves of old printed matter. Selected images that spark an idea set in motion a process of going through my archives for that other image or images needed to assemble a final composition. Chance plays a part here, in some cases I may be looking for one thing when I find another more fitting image. This can happen relatively quickly or be a long drawn out process with everything from scale, colour palette and even a match of paper stock being considered. When a piece finally comes together there is an instant recognition that it couldn’t be any other way.

The technique I employ is always a ‘cut and paste’ analog approach. I have a rule no matter how rare or precious a print artefact seems it is all fair game on the cutting mat. I believe the use of these items not only adds an intrinsic value to the work due to its scarcity, but it also makes a feature of the print and paper quality something a scanned reproduction would lose.

collage 26x24cm framed