Summer Blooms and Good Reading

By Elizabeth Barnett

"My work combines everyday experiences and encounters through painting, printmaking and illustration. Domestic ephemera such as plants, books, figures, tea cups and newspaper features predominately. In my recent series of paintings I have created spaces that I can go to and that are mine alone to escape the everyday. Spaces where things that I love, objects beautiful and quiet, surround me. These paintings offer momentary rest and sanctuary from everyday life. They are spaces that the eye can rest with and find solace in. The viewer catches the figures mid-pause and between breaths. Empty spaces appear recently vacated by a figure who leaves behind half-eaten toast or an open book. These spaces are lived in and warming, filled with plant life, chairs, coffee cups, pot plants and beds."

"With these latest works I sought to encapsulate what summer means to me, with a palette of bright hues; flowers harvested from our summer garden, arranged in handmade pottery vessels atop the colourful shapes and forms of stacked books and textile patterns, pared-back still-lifes, interior sanctuaries from the heat of the season."


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oil on linen 107x97cm framed