The Diner II

By Carla McRae

ink on paper
26.5x22.5cm framed

"Life frequently presents moments that simply must drawn — combinations of form, line and colour that would be devastating to forget, if not to be recorded. For me, Tokyo is one of those places where I feel compelled to draw just about everything. I take photos, make notes, keep sketchbooks and when I get home that’s when I really start dumping the memories onto paper. A few years ago I stumbled across a cosy cafe in Shibuya called Buy Me Standand have been sporadically daydreaming about it ever since. It’s an aesthete’s delight; the walls are mint green, coffee is served in old diner mugs and the famous grilled cheese is served with a big, fat, perfect, door-stopper of a fried egg dropped on top. These still life drawings, The Diner I & II, were developed from sketches I made when I got home from that trip, recording those delicious breakfast scenes before shuffling them back into my deck of memory flashcards."