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The Fall Of The Eucalyptus Fasciculosa

By John Gatip

oil on ply
33.5x33.5cm framed

"This collection takes cues from both the natural and urban environments; the skylines formed by a forest or tall skyscrapers that proliferate our modern cities. Abstracted forms and compositions are arranged from these observations. Colours that feature olive greens, subdued blues and pinks take notes from diverse barks of indigenous trees that are ever diminishing.

At the heart of the collection, it seeks to probe into the similarities and difference of the environments we live in. The cost of building is at the expense of the natural environment; segregated lines of the natural to the urban and the taming of the wild into pristine grids are impacts of the Anthropocene era. Will the tress survive the sprawl of the city or will they in turn become rectangular prisms of glass?"

The works of John Gatip span within the transection of art and architecture.

He explores through the mode of sculpture, painting, and art installations. His work derives from the need to narrate the immediate, record his introspections and create his explorations. Materiality, colour, architectural metaphors, and symbolism are prominent features of his work laced with layers of narrative.

John celebrates his heritage as a Filipino born Australian as he is heavily influenced by the culture and the arts and craft of the Philippines. He is a registered architect in Victoria, Australia and co-led Master of Architecture Design Studios at the Melbourne School of Design. John’s work has been exhibited in galleries locally in Australia as well as Internationally. His work has been published in magazines such as Houses and Inside Out.