The Matriarch

By Hilary Green_

The Matriarch is a hand woven tapestry depicting a cropped portrait of a masked figure. This bold, vivid portrayal of the masked figure is an appropriation of a striking, painterly found image that the artist was immediately allured by due to the dynamic and emotive character the layers of gestural brushstrokes and saturated colours created. This image of the veiled woman, an anonymous masked figure, covered, almost as if gilt in dripping gold is a powerful representation of a matriarch. The contrast between the veiled identity and the powerful mask is an intriguing proposition, one in which the artist completely identifies with as a matriarch herself.

This large scale work marks the return of Hilary Green's textile practice, having had a pause from weaving for a number of years.

hand woven tapestry (wool, cotton, gold thread and gold paint on cotton thread) 150x70cm unframed