Tiny Plate

By Kristin Burgham


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"My works are based on found and discarded objects. Through close observation the storylines of an object reveal themselves. I delve into a process of questioning and unravelling the work of unknown makers. The object I find becomes a moment for me to consider the trajectory of hands who have touched and ultimately discarded it. My works are a memory of the object and people. The process of working in plaster then porcelain allows me to consider makers lines up close. My works are a memory held of an object that has long since been returned to the place I found it. Memories can stay with us longer than objects."


Kristin Burgham is a Melbourne based ceramic artist working with industrial ceramic production processes and found objects. Her constructed ceramic assemblages reveal the legacy of unknown makers. Her works reveal process, practice and production by tracing making lines to expose the act of production and make the invisible visible. She explores the trajectory of skills and their transition through generations of objects and creators.