Triple Blocky Vessel (Matte Red)

By Lucy Tolan

The Blocky Vessel was developed in the early months of 2020 while I was trying to create a coiled vessel with architectural qualities. The form has a brutalist nature, yet a textile-like fluidity. The Triple Blocky Vessel was created one afternoon when Lucy decided to push the vessel’s limits. This vessel has a rough porous surface with a bold matte red finish. The interior is white gloss.

The dimensions of this vessel are 9x9x24cm


Lucy Tolan is an artist based in Naarm (Melbourne). She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT in 2018 specialising in ceramics. Lucy wants her work to occupy the space where architecture and landscape meet. With repetitive patterns and bold colour, her objects are informed by modernist architecture and have textile-like qualities, combining soft and hard. She is concerned with juxtaposing form and texture to create both tension and harmony. Lucy hand-builds her work using a combination of pinch and slab building techniques. She collects and creates repetitive textures using natural and self-made objects.