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Winged Geoform

By Georgia Harvey

midfire ceramic, glaze, sand, plaster & paint 
27x21x19 cm 


"In my work I investigate ways that materials interact and decay. This piece started out as a smooth-bodied sphinx-like creature, but, subjected to various processes and material interventions mimicking the erosion and deposition cycle of a limestone cave, has become something both less and more than its original starting point."


Georgia Harvey is a Naarm/Melbourne-based ceramicist who hand builds animalish forms and vessels clothed in a variety of textural surfaces. Initially studying Painting at RMIT, she went on to become a conservator before finding her way to a sculptural practice, heavily inspired by artefacts encountered in her conservation work.

She draws on experiences from several years spent living in the desert environment of the UAE, and incorporates materials sourced from walks up mountains, in wadis, or around the block. She reclaims all studio waste for reuse, concocting ever-evolving mixtures that can produce fascinating and unique results.