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You Yangs, Plain View

By Andy Pye

"I was at a very emotional and difficult artistic turning point between 2018 and 2019. The history and power of the You Yangs has been expressed in two very different works; showing the tension I was feeling.

My painting has never been more subject to the unconscious as it is today. Witnesses will tell me, I could be painting quietly and concentrating for several hours, acting sporadically with intense physicality, or crying my way through a work - a vast departure from several years ago where my plan for a piece would be effected. Nowadays I literally have no control over how a work will end.

Both works were made in the Boom buildings, to which I feel deeply connected, after an extensive tour of the You Yangs National park. I had not been to this ancient natural site since childhood and I mediate on how these two works show the preservation of that original childhood vision, and the naturality in which they came together in the Boom studio for me."


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oil on canvas
144x104cm framed