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Jasmine Mansbridge

Jasmine is a self taught artist based in Australia. She spent most of her formative years moving about, before settling with her family in the Northern Territory, a remote part of the country. Here she lived until she was twenty six.


For Jasmine the process, ritual and labour of painting itself are of integral importance to the finished piece, as are the intentions and musings that are imbued in every brushstroke. Her subject matter combines architectural forms and geometric imaginings which are used as metaphors to tell stories around our shared human experience. The drawing in, meditative and contemplative value of the paintings are meant to be an antidote to our busy, technological and image rich daily lives.


Over the last six years Jasmine has extended her studio practice to include both large scale paintings and installation pieces which further examine the themes present in her painted works.


In addition to nine solo shows - including an exhibition in New York, and numerous group exhibitions, Jasmine has also completed commissioned artworks in Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong and Beijing and in September 2019 she exhibited a large scale interactive installation at the Affordable Art Fair in Melbourne. Jasmine has also been the recipient of various residencies and grants, most recently a Professional Development Grant to visit London and an upcoming residency at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing in 2020.


A keen collaborator, Jasmine’s geometric inspired artworks have most recently been seen at the National Gallery of Victoria, in the form of an installation in May 2019. Her artwork enhanced with augmented reality technology can also be found on ‘Royal Stacks’ food trucks. In addition she has painted large scale wall drawings and paintings in Hong Kong, Beijing and London, along with installation and creative community projects closer to home.


Jasmine’s work has been featured in numerous print and online publications including Art Collector, Grand Design Magazine, The Design Files, Frankie Magazine, Mama Disrupt, Art Edit Magazine, House & Garden, Real Living Magazine, Belle Magazine and The Interiors Addict.