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Jen Tarry-Smith

Jennifer’s artworks spring from the junction between the discipline of her chosen medium and the almost unconscious, meditative state that drives the image making process. Each line she draws deviates a little from the line that came before it, gradually morphing into a larger, contorted shape or occasionally interrupted by a void. The act of laying down lines and leaving spaces is an ongoing, intuitive process that leads Jennifer to being so immersed in her work she loses track of time and space.

Jennifer has created a series of lithographs and linocuts; the fluidity of line and movement evident in her lithographs and the distortion of pattern can be seen in her linocuts.

She finds satisfaction in the process-based technique of printmaking and has a considerable appreciation for the charm of the hand-made and the mark-making of the artist. The challenge of it being impossible to make the ‘perfect print’ is what keeps Jennifer returning to the press. 

Jennifer Tarry-Smith is a Melbourne based artist working in the medium of printmaking and drawing.  She produces abstract works that are meditative explorations of line and negative space. Whether she is carving into linoleum, or drawing onto ball-grain lithography plates, for Jennifer the process of printing is methodical and contemplative, resulting in a printed matrix, the finished form of which is dictated by the medium.