Past Exhibition: Ripple, Group Exhibition

Exhibition Dates
12 August - 05 September

Ripple brings together a group of Melbourne based emerging artists who use immersive processes to create abstract distillations focusing on line and form. Jen Tarry-Smith, Mali Taylor, Michael McCafferty, Liam Haley and Belinda Reid exhibit in Big Boom.


Working within the realms of painting, sculpture and printmaking, each of the five artists has produced a unique body of work with similarities between the artists to be found in their processes and mediums of creation.


Each work is a meditative exploration where the respective artist becomes so enthralled in the process of making their artwork that time and place no longer matter. Whether applying layer after layer of paint, weaving together fine strips of paper, methodically layering clay coils or carving and drawing repetitive patterns of lines, each process becomes labour intensive and time consuming, but is resolved as the final mark is made.


The image emerges as the artist creates; the final form is not planned but dictated by an intuition of line and shape that constantly changes and evolves.

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