Exhibition: Jenny Noyes, Sea Green

Saturday 26 March
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
24 March - 24 April
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"Sea Green is a journey through the rugged coastline of Western Victoria where I grew up.

The sculptures evoke strong winds and wild, dangerous seas through the use of colour, texture and industrial waste. These materials are used along the coast to build Breakwaters and Light Houses because they are strong, robust and able to withstand the force of the winds and seas.

Rusted metal waste and other things saved from landfill are combined with handmade copper forms, together with elements coloured with salt patinas, making a great alliance with the nature of this wild coast and my interpretation of it.

I love the roaring, raging sea and the wild natural elements that surround it. One breathes the deepest and feels its power. We feel vulnerable and fearful against its might."


image credit: Metung Films

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