Past Exhibition: Katie Eraser, If We Could Talk

Exhibition Dates
14 June - 15 July
If We Could Talk is the latest solo exhibition from Melbourne based contemporary artist Katie Eraser. Consisting of a series of all new paintings and sculpture, this exhibition is an exploration of spontaneity and connection, a reconciliation of two disparate parts of the same whole. The painted pieces represent the open inner dialogue of the artists embodied experience of her time in space and emotion, and seeks to understand the origin of, and influence on, the psyche. The abstract paintings are created using a considered build up of acrylic paint and oil stick, in copious layers of energy and adaption. They begin with a loose idea of colour and direction, and by allowing the emergence of freehand forms, shapes and vivid colours to build up, each new layer can be understood to be in dialogue with the one painted previously. Here the contemplated textures and overlapping of organic forms and energetic swashes, co-habit the surface in a seemingly harmonious and empathetic exchange. These gestures speaks to how the internal dialogue interacts with that which is contributed by the influential people orbiting the artists landscape. Their voices, combined with the artists own, represent an undulating harmony of projected feelings, intended offerings and abstract propositions.
If we could talk, I bet there would be something to say.

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