Harry McEvoy, Artist in Residence at Big Boom

We have welcomed Harry McEvoy to be our first artist in residence at Big boom. You will find him working away whilst his paintings from The Dog In The Windowadorn the walls of our new exhibition space until June 30th.

Harry McEvoy is a dynamic young Surf Coast artist who recently relocated to Melbourne. He has continued to impress us with his persistent desire to paint, draw and make art. His work is a celebration of youthful energy and boldness but also thoughtfulness and reflection. On the The Dog In The Window Harry say’s the following:

These works are narratives that do not specify a setting or situation, it’s only mypersonal interpretation of a time period in which I was a participant.The cause and affect of a situation unfolding that is impossible to change thecircumstances. The ideas of past experiences I cannot reshape, only reflecton themoral relativism (wrong and right) of the state of affairs.

Conceptually Harry want’s to explore the idea of Moral Relativism throughout his practice and how it applies to youth emerging into adulthood, without fully established or matured minds.

Working in the genre of Portraiture and figurative; I questioned what is wrong and right as deemed by society. Moral Relativism is the theory that morality, or standards of right and wrong, is culturally based and therefore become a matter of individual choice. My work investigates Moral Nihilism, Moral
Absolutism and Moral Universalism. Exploring my personal views, beliefs, past experiences
and my complex feelings.

My influences and subject matter are drawn from observations of the street. The city is a
towering place with a wealth of vast textures and rare faces. These ideas are explored in a
abstract form using the materials of acrylic paint, charcoal, pastel, oil sticks and spray paint.
After travelling to New York on a skateboarding trip I became very aware of the impact of
artists such as Jean–Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol and their influence on popular culture.
After visiting multiple gallery’s in Australia I have also become aware of Australian artists
such as Brett Whitley and Ben Quilty.

If you would like to see the full catalogue of Harry’s current exhibition please get in touch, or even better pop in to see The Dog In The Window in person and see Harry at work before June 30th.