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By Ellie Malin

unique state woodblock print
64x47cm framed

“The Baldessin Press and Studio located in St Andrews, Victoria, is a place of creative exploration and reflection. It was here that I was fortunate to work on the very same etching press created for Australian artist George Baldessin. In the workshop, a photograph of Baldessin himself watches over as I reacquainted myself with the printmaking process after a five year hiatus working in other mediums. A sense of welcoming and community encompassed me.

These works are made up of unique-state woodblock prints created with a selection of geometrically shaped hand-cut blocks. The paper, made of 100% cotton with an off-white tone, is reminiscent of another era. A limited colour palette consisting of dark green hues, ultramarine blue, lilac, vibrant red and rusted orange was used to create the prints.

Through these works I explore the boundaries of time and being. I reflect upon the boundedness of life and the idea of the present moment.”