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Ellie Malin

Ellie Malin is a Melbourne based artist working in relief woodblock printing and painting. Her visceral artworks are made up of a language of bold geometries and chromatic compositions. Inspired by observations from life, she translates her ideas into an intuitive world of layered fields of colour echoing place and memory.

Ellie describes her work, as operating as though made of cellular memory. Through an introspective process she applies layer upon layer, purposely revealing and concealing information beneath the surface. Soft geometric forms resemble complex architectural constructs whilst also hinting towards patterns in nature. Colour and shape, light and dark culminate in compositions evoking memory of a time and space.

Ellie graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Monash University. She has been a finalist in numerous awards including The Senini Award at McClelland Gallery, the Swan Hill Print and Drawing Award, and Banyule Works on Paper.

Profile photo credit : Echo and Earl / @echoandearl