Nothing Only This, 3rd Study

By Cricket Saleh

edition of 3 (3 available)
pigment print on cotton rag
image size: 22.5x34.5cm
frame size: 26x37.5cm

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"From its infancy I was sure The Periphery was haunted work.

The light had changed. It pulsated different. Differently if I am to use grown up words. The light it pulsated differently. It had the markings of Howl, all human at its most fundamental. Howl, however, was haunted from within the frame.

The Periphery, it was being watched. The haunting was outside the frame. I now, at its conclusion, surmise it was either the past or the future that was watching. Meandering occasionally into the work. Guiding the conversation a little. Whispering as I worked. Almost indecipherably. As I worked it whispered and guided. For a godless creature as I the process was sometimes and often, a lot. So now, at its hanging, I give it, the work, the occasional prop. A prop or two, a position or two, from which to watch."

Cricket Saleh works in Photography. In a professional context she is highly sought after for her completely unique approach to image making. She has a seemingly effortless ability to capture the feeling and atmosphere of a concept. In her arts practice Cricket explores the genre of Still Life, simultaneously referencing art historical understandings of the medium and subverting it.

She creates the illusion of a painted surface through considered lighting. Her works are crisp; simple compositions, tangible texture and moody tones. Cricket's photographs depict an ongoing interest in the ephemeral nature of life. Beauty, indulgence, consumption and decay are underlying themes in her artwork. We are thrilled that Cricket's work This Too Shall Pass was recently acquired into the permanent collection of the Geelong Gallery.