Solitude of an Early Riser II

By Stacey McCall

"Living in a busy home with a family of seven means there is little time for quiet and stillness. I am an early riser, not always however, when my girls were small I loved nothing more than a lie in. But now, the solitude of the mornings is something I treasure, time alone in a quiet house, morning light filtering across the table, nothing but bird song drifting through the empty kitchen, those first rays casting a beautiful light on the everyday objects of our family life.

Whilst my technique is based on the classical method of thin layers of colour over a tonal underpainting, I am trying for a loose brush stroke and a slightly abstracted mark. Motifs are implied, shapes are often derived from fast preliminary sketches, hopefully achieving a sense of calm and a gesture of tenderness towards my domestic environment."


oil on board
38x27cm framed