Shelley McKenzie

Chux Acrylic, shellac & ink on canvas 102x102cm 2012

Occupation is our current exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by Shelley McKenzie.

“My work explores the process of making art. Each step in the creative process mobilises an aspect of being kinaesthetic, sensory, perceptual, affective, cognitive and symbolic. The work reflects my interest in the organising of space through the push and pull of layers of paint and other media. Incorporated into the layering are fragments of objects, shapes and patterns that are part of my physical environment and emotional geography. Colour is used in a spontaneous and celebratory way. The theme of Occupation overlays the work-occupation meaning what occupies one or a means of passing one’s time and the act of taking or holding possession of.”

Shelley’s work absolutely occupies the space of the gallery – transforming it into a glorious but condensed riot of colour, line and movement. Each painting is a curious narrative mystery but each conveys Shelley’s love of place both environmentally and emotionally. Occupation is not to be missed!