Exhibition Dates
12 September - 06 October

An exhibition of original, hand made collages from:

Lucy James

Holly Leonardson

Tai Snaith

Jade Elford

Emily Besser

Kieran Madden

Dylan Foley

Meredith Earls


More is More explores different approaches to collage, highlighting the artists' patterns of collecting, arranging and rearranging. More is More speaks to the process of collage; artists are always looking for new source material, digging through op shops and dusty vintage stores, adding to their collections, spending time cutting images by hand, working out compositions, thinking, looking and finally gluing. The process is not linear; and when collecting, more is always more, whereas collage outcomes are often an act in restraint, less is more.

As any collagist knows, the process is everything, and is both addictive and life-affirming. Hunting for the right printed material (nothing can escape the collagists hungry and twisted gaze), cutting or slicing into old books, National Geographics, and junk mail, and amassing a ‘palette’ of parts, each destined to be re-attached to some other exiled part.

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