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Beth Gibbeson

Beth Gibbeson’s paintings explore the different landscapes in which she has lived, reflecting on the rural, urban and places abroad she has called home. The works blend the ideas of landscape, time, memory, and connection.
"I begin my work from a free, subliminal place by drawing the shapes, lines, light and spaces. My memories of landscape from living in rural Victoria, Egypt and the suburbs of Melbourne are expressed through form and colour. I explore how landscape can be inter-connected through time; past and present. My initial drawings are abstracted representations that I then transfer onto either linen, canvas and paper through the application of many layers of paint. By blending the edges of colour, new relationships between the colours and form begin to reveal different shades, exploring the inter-connectedness of parts.
Using a variety of artistic processes, I seek to describe the landscape as an environment of change and relationship. I intend to rely on my own unique interpretation and then abstraction of the landscape. In doing so, my work depicts the independence, merging and unity of places I have called home."
Beth Gibbeson completed her Bachelor / Honours Degree in Fine Arts Painting at RMIT. She currently paints full time in her studio at home in Frankston South where she is able to frequently explore the beautiful landscapes of living next door to the Mornington Peninsula.