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Exhibition: 'Rendered', group exhibition

Saturday 14 October
01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Exhibition Dates
12 October - 05 November
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Boom Gallery is proud to present Rendered - curated by Alichia van Rhijn.

Featuring ten contemporary ceramicists, Rendered explores the medium of clay, as a means to give ideas form – particularly through the use of the domestic plate, as a carrier of embodied storytelling.

Plates have a rich history of conveying stories, history, lore and moments in time. Explorations of these historical visual narrations are depicted through the artists contemporary reflections of the now. Ritualistic notions of domesticity are elevated through visual experimentation and mark making, where the plate acts as a carrier of memory, shared experience, visual identity, contemporary critique, nostalgia and reflection.

Rendered features work from Sassy Park, Ebony Russell, Scott Duncan, Holly Macdonald, Robyn Phelan, Dawn Vachon, Madeleine Thornton-Smith, April Phillips, Kristin Burgham & Adrienne Richards.

This is a Craft Contemporary satellite event.

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